Time Capture Increases Revenue

AboutTime is a desktop application which conveniently captures time for attorneys as they work. AboutTime also provides for easy entry of time for completed work by attorneys or their assistants. Client-related expenses can also be entered. With an open architecture database, AboutTime information is easily available for other applications.

Timer Toolbox

The Timer Toolbox is the central feature of AboutTime. Each user creates a list of timers by client, case, and activity. To capture time worked, the user just starts the appropriate timer then launches any application such as spreadsheet or word processing. The Timer Toolbox can “float” on top of the application, or be minimized to the system tray. Attorneys report significantly less editing of bills at month-end when they capture their own time as the work is done.


AboutTime provides for the customization of displays, setting of default values, and the modification of functionality. Each preference is initially set on a firm-wide basis, or by group, or by individual. Individual preference settings can be locked, and accordingly, cannot be changed by users. Over 50 preference settings are available, including which window will display when the application is opened, a default fee activity code, and a minimum time increment.


A master glossary of abbreviations for commonly used words and phrases is set up by the firm and is made available to all AboutTime users. Individual users can also add their own abbreviations. The AboutTime application keeps track of which clients and matters each user works on, and presents those for quick access. The application allows each user to easily modify these automatically created lists.

Flexible Reporting

AboutTime provides summarized and detailed reports by timekeeper and by client/case, as well as timekeeper budget/actual and billable/non-billable analysis reports. All reports can be viewed on screen, printed, emailed, or exported in a variety of Microsoft and Windows product formats.

Spelling Dictionaries

The system administrator sets the default spell check dictionary in the Preferences, which can be assigned at either the group or individual user level. Dictionaries available are Standard, Legal, and Medical. Any dictionary, located anywhere on the server computer or network, can be used.

On/Offline Operation

For attorneys that use laptops, the Timer Toolbox and all other features are available when they are away from the office: attending meetings, travelling in airplanes, or working at home. The user is reminded to upload time captured when working offline when they next login online. At that point, the upload is a single keystroke.