The Foundations of Versys Software

Versys Software is the continuation of Versys Corporation, a software design firm with a focus on law firm automation. Versys Corporation, with its products and key personnel, evolved from its predecessor, Industry Data Services, a data processing and computer systems design firm with multiple offices in Hawaii and California. Industry Data Services was founded by Richard Wilke and other IBM employees in the 1980s.

Developing Software for
the Legal Community

Versys Software was established in 2014 for the purpose of further developing and marketing software to the Legal community and to other professional organizations. Jim Gillon, President, was an officer at both Versys Corporation and its predecessor Industry Data Services. He previously worked as an independent computer systems consultant, and has over 40 years of experience in computer software development, sales, and installation. Bill McCoy, our Systems Development Manager, is an honors graduate in math and computer science. Bill joined Versys Corporation at its inception, and continues his position with Versys Software.

A Deep Understanding of
Automation Strategies

By developing software and providing computer services to a wide range of organizations in Hawaii, including auto dealerships, construction companies, medical offices, hotel chains, and law firms, Versys Corporation acquired a deep understanding of automation strategies.

Versys Software carries this understanding forward with a focus on law firm automation.