Automation for
Law Firms & Professional Organizations

Software Products

Versys products include IntelliPad CRM, Legal Insight, and AboutTime. IntelliPad CRM automates Contact Management and Marketing. Legal Insight provides law firm billing and financial and practice management with Conflict Checking. AboutTime helps attorneys capture more of their time.

Company Background

Versys Software and its predecessor company Versys Corporation have been in business since 1985. We focus on accounting and practice management software. Our clients include thousands of attorneys in law firms and other professional organizations. Clients are located in the US, UK, Canada, and Bahrain.

Accounting and Practice Management Software Products

IntelliPad CRM

Managing Outlook and Exchange contacts, and automating marketing.

Shown in a product-specific website, IntelliPad manages Outlook and Exchange Contacts in a SQL Server database. Attorneys and administrative assistants continue to work in Outlook with accurate contact information for business development available when needed, instead of “when it can be cleaned up”.

Legal Insight

Handling law firm billing, accounting, management and reporting.

Legal Insight is a comprehensive system addressing all aspects of law firm billing, accounting, management and reporting. It is fully integrated and is offered in modules, which include options to address the needs of individual law firms.


Helping attorneys capture more of their time conveniently and accurately.

AboutTime is a desktop application that accommodates convenient and accurate time capture for attorneys to record their time as they work. Using AboutTime this way, attorneys increase their billable time capture.