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Versys products include IntelliPad CRM for marketing, Legal Insight for billing, accounting, practice management and conflict of interest checking, and AboutTime for time capture. All Versys products provide both automatic and modifiable personalization features.

IntelliPad is provided to end-users from within Outlook and is delivered with an Outlook .NET AddIn. From an administrative perspective, IntelliPad is an internal web-based solution and communicates with single, multiple, and clustered Exchange Servers.

Legal Insight utilizes a very reliable and efficient client/server architecture that was developed by Versys with product-specific optimizations.

AboutTime works online and offline with a stay-on-top Timer Toolbox.

Shown in a product-specific website (, IntelliPad manages Outlook and Exchange Contacts in a SQL Server database.  Attorneys and administrative assistants work in Outlook with firm-wide consistent contact information.

Legal Insight is a comprehensive system addressing all aspects of law firm billing, accounting, management and reporting. It is fully integrated and is offered in modules, which include options to address the needs of individual law firms.

AboutTime is a desktop application that accommodates convenient and accurate time capture for attorneys to record their time as they work. Using AboutTime this way, attorneys normally increase their billable time capture.

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